Workshop Testimonials

“Anita is a very rare academic who bridges the world of scholarship with the immediacy of somatic awareness. She brings this discipline to her work of embodied creativity. What is this work? It is, fundamentally, inquiry into our true and best resources for creative work, as revealed by the body. These resources, being unique to each artist, make themselves known–in Anita’s processes–through individual guided introspection, occasioned by physical movement, sound and attention to bodily response. At the same time, this inquiry takes place within the resonant field of group practice, which amplifies the effect without imposing particular answers to the question of what inspires, forms and evaluates the objects of our making.

I have studied the creative process for many years, read plenty of books, and given it a good deal of thought, but Anita’s approach is unlike anything I have yet encountered. It does not seek to give ‘pointers’ or provide external processes to ‘enhance’ creativity–it proceeds, rather, from the presumption that the constituents of the creative life are already present in the body, and have only to be coaxed out and discovered. It is very deep and powerful work, and I would recommend it to any artist who wishes to more fully enter and explore their creative activity.”

Jeffrey Ericsson Allen, composer and cellist

“Anita’s guidance to help make the creative process accessible and comprehensible is invaluable. She helps reveal and unravel the artistic enigma to bring more joy to creation. A gem of a workshop, but not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to stretch yourself.”

-Kimberly McCrea, Systems Analyst [retired]
City of Eugene

“Not only was the workshop informative in terms of learning about the body’s role in the creative process, but the techniques we were taught for addressing the symptoms of creativity can be applied in so many other contexts. As a result of taking this course, I gained a greater awareness of my own imprints and was able to begin overcoming some of my creative blocks. I appreciated all of Anita’s knowledge and guidance, and I would highly recommend this course to individuals involved in artistic pursuits or professions, as well as anyone trying to lead a more inspired and mindful life.”

-Lyssy Irions, writer

“Within the structure of your class you guide your students to create an environment that evokes the very best qualities available to humanity. … in our case, you did this with a group of people who struggled with a number of different painful issues. Yet, in spite of these struggles, or more likely because of them, something really special happened. And this is not hyperbole. Something magical happened. And I believe you know this even better than I do. … If I ever have an opportunity to take another one of your classes I happily will.”

-Class Participant

“With Anita’s explanation of how these somatic techniques relate to our bodies, minds, and creative process, I experienced deep, primal, energetic sensations. I feel that I can come back and revisit these techniques again and again, and through them, hear and feel the messages and shifts that inform everything.”

-Maggie Wickham, L.M.T

“This remarkable workshop has given me new insight into the creative process, and beautiful, effective tools for working with it. It has felt like a lifeline for my creative work: in calming the nervous system, in bringing understanding of the underlying intelligence in the “stuck spots”, and in finding a way into a committed creative practice and building creative momentum.

Anita is a gifted teacher, balancing clear and eloquent explanations with guided somatic explorations. We found that we can move into the mystery which is the creative process, supported by somatic movement and inquiry, healthy resources and quality social connection. There is an innate wisdom here which inspires, nourishes and sustains our creativity – renewing rather than depleting us, and accessing a deeper, truer place to work from.”

-Robin Bundy

“Two longstanding problems I’ve experienced are difficulty falling asleep, and quieting my mind from external stresses so that I may focus creatively. Anita’s techniques provided immediate and practical solutions to both of these. Moreover, her process identifies and helps to correct, with astounding speed, longstanding blockages in the creative process. Highly, highly recommended.”

—Joshua Whitley, Eugene, OR

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