Client Testimonials

“Anita is truly a gifted individual. Through my work with her in the Embodiment Process, she has helped me to cultivate a much deeper connection with myself, and through that, with others in my life. My work with her has released long-held emotional patterns and imprints, thus creating a radical change in my being, through subtle means. I relate to myself and the world differently than I did before this work. I have let go of things I didn’t even realize I was carrying. It is a method that truly lets the body and inner instinct guide you. I have found this experience much more powerful and life-changing than talk therapy alone. She is kind, professional, gentle, and dedicated to her work. I couldn’t be happier with her services and guidance!”

-Jennifer Lee, Teacher/Social Worker

“Having worked closely with Anita for 10 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing her growth as a person and a practitioner. She is a remarkably gifted teacher and her healing presence is extraordinary. As a facilitator, she brings a unique blend of clarity, reverence, and gentleness that supports individuals and groups along in their journeys. Anita is a rare gem if you are lucky enough to learn from and work with her.”

-Angelica Singh, Founder of The Embodiment Process

“One thing I appreciate most about working with Anita is her commitment. She is extremely well versed in her work, deeply in tune with the body, and committed to honoring the truth in herself and the world. Her modalities for offering support are unique, and also highly complementary. Through working with her, I’ve gained useful tools for everyday life while also coming back to honoring my own healing process exactly where I am. This in and of itself is incredibly powerful and healing. I am so grateful for my time with Anita and know that she will continue to serve, guide and support me and those around her.”

-Lydia Alderfer

“I came to Anita after several years of deep and worsening depression. I had tried therapists, counselors, and psychologists and read endlessly about overcoming depression to no avail. During my first visit with Anita, I immediately felt the difference in her approach compared to traditional Western approaches to mental health. I quickly learned simple, yet extremely effective, ways to address my anxiety and depression. Through my sessions with Anita, I understood that everything I need to put myself on a path to stable mental health is already inside of me (no prescription drugs needed), which felt totally revolutionary. I was finally able to take control of my health and rediscover my confidence to do so with Anita’s guidance. A bit more than a year later, I feel the fog of depression dissipating and am able to address my anxiety, with the techniques Anita taught me, at the moment it comes up. I feel much more positive about my life than I have in a decade and through Anita’s support, I can now manage my own mental health, which is no small thing. In fact, it’s the most amazing gift.”

-Lydia Holden, Communications consultant for nonprofits

“It feels cliche to say that my work with Anita has been life-changing, but, well, it has been life-changing. Not in a dramatic, lightning flashes kind of way, but in a slow, subtle, empowering kind of way. Anita has given me knowledge and embodied tools to use in times of distress, but has also been an important teacher in my unfolding process of dealing with my past, grounding my present, and helping me envision a more peaceful, authentic future. As an academic worker, I often struggle to integrate my intellectual work with my embodied experience, and working with Anita has helped me do that with wonderful results in both my personal and professional life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-A. Ford

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