Anita Chari
Somatic Educator & Embodiment Process Practitioner



adjective so·mat·ic \sō-ˈma-tik, sə-\
of the body; bodily; physical.

As a somatic educator, artist, and scholar, I am devoted to supporting you on your creative path to reconnecting the wisdom of your body with the wisdom of your mind.

Whether it be in the realm of your career, emotional well-being, relationships, or creative process, I offer a variety of embodied services to support you in connecting with the inherent unfolding of health in your life, no matter the circumstances.

“Anita is truly a gifted individual. Through my work with her in the Embodiment Process, she has helped me to cultivate a much deeper connection with myself, and through that, with others in my life. My work with her has released long-held emotional patterns and imprints, thus creating a radical change in my being, through subtle means. I relate to myself and the world differently than I did before this work. I have let go of things I didn’t even realize I was carrying. It is a method that truly lets the body and inner instinct guide you. I have found this experience much more powerful and life-changing than talk therapy alone. She is kind, professional, gentle, and dedicated to her work. I couldn’t be happier with her services and guidance!”

-Jennifer Lee, Teacher/Social Worker

“Having worked closely with Anita for 10 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing her growth as a person and a practitioner. She is a remarkably gifted teacher and her healing presence is extraordinary. As a facilitator, she brings a unique blend of clarity, reverence, and gentleness that supports individuals and groups along in their journeys. Anita is a rare gem if you are lucky enough to learn from and work with her.”

-Angelica Singh, Founder of The Embodiment Process

“One thing I appreciate most about working with Anita is her commitment. She is extremely well versed in her work, deeply in tune with the body, and committed to honoring the truth in herself and the world. Her modalities for offering support are unique, and also highly complementary. Through working with her, I’ve gained useful tools for everyday life while also coming back to honoring my own healing process exactly where I am. This in and of itself is incredibly powerful and healing. I am so grateful for my time with Anita and know that she will continue to serve, guide and support me and those around her.”

-Lydia Alderfer


facilitating social connection in online teaching and learning for universities during a time of crisis

This is a time of unprecedented change in higher education. Amidst the passionate political demonstrations against racism and police violence that exploded across the US, our students and faculty are ever more vulnerable to anxiety, mental health challenges, and collective trauma. As universities rapidly moved their courses online in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the crucial role that professors play in supporting students not only intellectually, but also emotionally, is now clearer than ever.

Our online programs use trauma-based pedagogies, the neuroscience of mental health, and pedagogies of social justice and inclusion to help your campus participate effectively in social change by offering inventive, practical solutions for both students and faculty created by Anita Chari and Angelica Singh.


Private Embodiment
Process Sessions

Embodiment Process sessions support you to feel embodied contact with the health at the heart of every symptom, crisis, or challenge that you face in your life. It includes somatically oriented counseling work, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, and trauma resolution work. These modalities facilitate the release of long held imprints within your body and psyche.

Embodied Academic
Counseling and Coaching

While there are now a number of tools available out there to support academics, few of them are somatically based. Rather than focusing on problem solving or productivity, my somatically oriented tools address the underlying imprints in your nervous system that prevent you from feeling connected and creative in your work. Sessions are available via Skype or in-person.

Continuum Wellsprings Movement Sessions

Continuum is a meditative movement practice that has a wide variety of applications: artistic, psychological, medical, physical, and spiritual. At the heart of all of them is a science of creativity itself. I’m a trained Continuum Wellsprings practitioner with more than 500 hours in the field with Conrad and authorized Continuum Movement teachers, and I offer one-on-one instruction in Continuum Wellsprings movement.

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