As a somatic educator, scholar, and artist, I support individuals in reconnecting the wisdom of the body with the wisdom of the mind. I offer a holistic and health-oriented approach that draws on cutting-edge work on creativity, somatic experience, neuroscience, and relationship to promote healing, empowerment, and creative integrity.

I am a certified Embodiment Process Practitioner, with ten years of mentorship in this holistic practice, which integrates Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, somatic counseling work, trauma resolution, and pre- and peri-natal birth trauma work to facilitate healing, relationship, and self-empowerment. I am also pleased to offer clients my work with Continuum, a subtle therapeutic sound and movement practice that can transform physical, emotional, and energetic imprints from one’s history, and I am a certified Continuum Wellsprings practitioner with over 500 hours of training in the field. With over fifteen years of experience in academia, extensive musical and artistic training, and my experience as a published author (most recently by Columbia University Press, 2015), I specialize in bringing embodiment work to individuals in left-brained fields.

I serve intellectuals, writers, artists, teachers, creatives, academics, and lay people in deepening their contact with embodied experience in the realm of work, relationships, and creative process.

I now offer my work to others who desire to reconnect with their fundamental bodily intelligence, and to live a life of purpose, passion, and creative expression.

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